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Alloy T300 Green Yellow

Alloy Code: T300
Color: White
KT: 10K- 18K

General Information
T300 is a green yellow alloy.

Nominal Composition:
CU= 1    ZN=2     Other= 3
*1=most, 5=least

Typical Applications: Stamping- Tube- Chain

Melting Point: 830 °C
Flow Point: 910 °C
Density: 10,1 g/cm³

Working Characteristics
Casting: Not Rrecommended
Stamping: Excellent
Tube: Excellent
Chain: Excellent
Enameling: Fair

Hardenable by Heat: Yes

Mechanical Characteristics
Vickers Microhardness After Casting   HV 0,5
10k= 100
14k= 117
Vickers Microhardness After Hardening   HV 0,5
10k= 108
14k= 122
Tensile Strength After Casting   N/mm²
10k= 440
14k= 523
Elongation After Casting (A%)
10k= 30
14k= 36

Lost-Wax Casting Process

* Choose lower temperatures for centrifugal machines.
* As a general acception, using lower temperatures for thick designs and higher temperatures for thin designs would be recommended.

After casting cooling time for the flasks is 20 minute (for stone casting 60 minute).

Heat Treatment
1) Keep at 750 °C for 1 hour then cool immediately.
2) Keep at 400 °C for 3 hours and then cool slowly.

Keep at 650 °C for 30 min. and then quench in hot water.
Material can be worked to max. %50 reduction, then it must be annealed.

Users must add to silver in alloy.