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Fan Type Motor Abrasives
Diameter 100mm
Width 15mm and 30mm.

Abrasive grade 150-180-220-240-280-320-400-500
Ref.: A001 (for width 15mm).
Ref.: A002 (for width 30mm).

Fan Type Motor abrasives (with scotch brite).
Diameter 100mm
Width 15mm and 30mm

Abrasives grade 150-180-220-240-280-320-400-500
Ref.: A010 (for width 15mm)
Ref.: A011 ( for width 30mm).

Fan Type Green Abrasives (with scotch brite). (Abrasives 3 + HARCO 2 green middle)
Diameter 100mm
Width 7mm - 10mm - 15mm

Abrasives grade 150-180-220-240-280-320-400-500.
Ref.: A020 (for width 7mm).
Ref.: A021 (for width 10mm).
Ref.: A022 (for width 15mm).