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Vacuum Casting Pressure

These machines are designed for jewellery casting and other high quality investment casting processes. These for machines cover a range from smaller charges up to permanent use and for Vacuum Casting Pressure 400certified production processes.


VC 400
The ideal machine for smaller companies producing moderate quantities but needing considerably more capacity than that offered by the MC machines. Often, experienced casters are not particularly interested in automated functions or program control, and they can achieve the same quality with the VC 400 machine as with more advanced ones.

VC 500 D
Vacuum Casting Pressure 500 DFor larger production quantities with continuous casting operation, greater performance (shorter casting times) with even larger crucibles and flask capacities (flasks up to 160 mmm ø/400 mm H) is important. The high maximum temperature of 1600°C extends the possible range of alloys.

Temperature measurements in both the crucible and the flask mean the temperature limits are strictly adhered to. If alloys are changed frequently, 16 different temperature programs simplify working procedures.

The optional data printer records all the parameters of each casting (ISO 9001).

VC 600
Vacuum Casting Pressure 600The VC 600 makes production even more efficient. With the same performance and capacity as the VC 500, the VC 600 offers in addition:
Program control
The control system for 100 casting programs guarantees easy operation and consistent casting results.

Turbulence reduction software
New system for a faster and more laminar metal flow.

Turbo Pressure PLUS

Automated flask and chamber lift for an even faster and saver handling