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Spectrometer Analyses

MetalScan PolySpek Series

  • Compact size with small footprint, fits on a desk         

  • No vacuum pump

  • Uses a standard external Personal Computer, screen and keyboard via                                  USB connection

  • Open spark stand for small or large samples

  • No complex installation

  • Rapid multi-element analysis

  • Multiple optical systems

  • Multi-element CCD array detector in each optical system

  • Holographic diffraction grating in each optical system

  • Complete Spectrum resolved by more than 30,000 elements

  • Weight 30 Kgms, 66 lbs

  • PolySpek the new series of multi-CCD,multi-optic desktop spectrometers from ARUN Technology, the originators of CCD based metals analysis.

Nearly twenty years of CCD-OES know-how has gone into the design of the new PolySpek series of desktop spectrometers from ARUN Technology. Up to four separate optical systems can be incorporated to cover the emission spectrum required for metallurgical work and which conventionally lies between 165 and 780 nanometers. Particular combinations of the optical elements are available for specific single matrix or multi-matrix applications. The optical components have been tailored to provide different dispersions in different wavelength ranges with the best resolution in the ultra violet region of 165 to 200 nanometers. Less resolution is required in the infrared region between 470 and 680 nanometers where only a few key emission line need to be resolved.

Neither optical fibres, nor vacuum pumps are used in the PolySpek and only the ultra violet optical section (if supplied) is argon purged.