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Iso-pressed crucibles come with a number of advantages:
* Wide range of qualities.
*Wide range of sizes.
*Smooth internal surface giving a reduction of inclusions.
* Consistent material properties throughout the crucible.
* Cost-effective.
* General purpose.
* Slag-resistant.






General purpose crucibles with good resistance to acidic and basic slags. It is used for a wide range of alloys and stainless steels.


AL97 I

Superior erosion resistance.

AL88 I

Improved thermal shock resistance.


Chrome-enriched crucible has a high resistance to slags. Preferred to alumina in more arduous applications.


CA93 I

Superior erosion resistance.

CA91 I

Specially formulated to withstand the most severe thermal shock applications.

CA84 I

Improved thermal shock resistance.


High resistance to basic slags. Used in vacuum melting of Ni, Co and Fe-based alloys.



Used in vacuum melting of Ni, Co and Fe-based alloys.

MG95 I

Resistant to the special alloys used in semi-conductor and sputer target industries.

Mullite ML72 I

High thermal shock resistance. Resistant to basic slags.

Zircon ZN66 I

Good resistance to acidic slags. It is used for non-ferrous and precious metals.


High resistance to acidic slags. Used in the vacuum melting of Superalloys and precious metals


ZC93 I

General applications.

ZC95 I

High thermal shock resistance for noble metals.

ZC96 I

Fine grained structure for noble metals for noble metals.

ZM94 I

Magnesia-stabilised with enhanced thermal shock resistance for superalloys.

ZY97 I

Suitable fro cobalt & nickel superalloys.